Vintage Stereo Cabinet Furniture Makeover

Vintage Stereo Cabinet Furniture Makeover

This furniture makeover has taken me almost a year to finish. It was worth all the hard work to transform a piece of furniture that was in my wife’s papa’s house for over 40 years. We were lucky enough to inherit this cabinet when my wife’s papa passed away. To see all the heirloom furniture we inherited check out my previous post, Every Piece of Furniture Has A Story.

Instant Vision

Have you ever seen something and instantly had a vision of what you could do with it? That’s what happen when I saw this stereo cabinet. I knew with some work and a new coat of paint I could transform this cabinet into a beautiful entertainment center for our living room.

The funny thing is I wasn’t even planning on taking this cabinet, but I saw its potential and wanted to keep the memories in the family.

The Furniture Makeover Reveal

I am super excited about the results of this vintage stereo cabinet transformation. In the end, my vision did change, but I think it was for the better.

Stereo Cabinet Before - Furniture Makeover

Stereo Cabinet After Furniture Makeover

As you can see, we are not using it for an entertainment center. While the stereo cabinet waited to be finished, we were using it for our TV stand. However, now it is being used as a sofa console table.

In an effort to reduce the amount of TV our daughter watches we decide to get rid of the TV for awhile. Wish us luck.

I love it as a console table. It is one of the first things you see when you enter the room from the main entry. Now the once stereo cabinet is a statement piece in our living room.

What it Took to do this Furniture Makeover

1. Gut the Stereo Equipment

Before I ripped out all the radio, record player and speakers, I tested it to see if I could get it to work. Lynn told me that it hadn’t been working for a long time. However I thought I would give it a try.

The verdict…unfortunately no music was flowing.

So it was a gut job. This is everything I pulled out.

Gut the outdated Stereo Cabinet technology

After I demo’ed all this out the cabinet was about 25 pounds lighter.

2. Remove the Louver Panels

The louver panels were all fixed. The plan was to try to reuse them as cabinet doors. Unfortunately that did not work out. The panel didn’t come out cleanly. So I adapted my plan, which worked out great.

A key to a successful furniture makeover is often adapting to unknowns. Like any renovation sometimes you don’t know what you are dealing with until you open the walls.

Remove the Louvers

3. Add Shelving and Trim

After removing the speakers I was left with large openings. To break up these open areas I added shelves. I also added decorative molding to dress up the shelves and hide some holes left over from the demo.

4. Prime & Paint

I decided for this furniture makeover to prime first before chalk painting. Priming when using chalk paint is optional. I decided to prime because I used MDF for the shelves, which soaks up a lot of paint when painted.

Then I did two coats of my DIY Chalk Paint Recipe in Sherwin Williams Mantiou Blue.

Furniture Makeover – Priming and Paint with DIY Chalk Paint – Decorating With Less

5. Distressing

I have never done a distressing treatment to my furniture makeovers before. So I was a little nervous about doing this step. There are a few ways to distress furniture, I asked advice from our DIY’ers. Ultimately I decided to use the sandpaper technique because it was easy to do and I had everything to do it.

For this technique simply take a high grit sandpaper and sand off areas of paint. You are going for a natural distress look, so start by sand edges and corners where you may see paint worn if this was an old piece of furniture.

Example of Distressing Furniture

6. Apply the Wax

I applied two coats of clear wax to protect the painted finish. This gives the furniture a light matte shine and enhances the color. To learn more about painting with chalk paint check out my post How to Make & Use DIY Chalk Paint to Makeover Furniture.

Waxing Chalk Paint

This furniture makeover is a part of my overall living room makeover I have been diligently working on. I will be sharing my progress in a post in the future. For right now here is a preview.

Vintage Stereo Cabinet Furniture Makeover

What do you think of this Vintage Stereo Cabinet Furniture Makeover? What furniture makeovers are you working or want to start? Please leave a comment below.