Stop Buying These Home Accessories New

It is not always necessary to buy new when decorating your home. You can save a lot of money buying some of your home accessories used. I will say sometimes it is better to buy new. But in many cases used is better than new because you will save money and help other causes as well.

Stop Buying These Home Accessories New

Today we are going to spotlight the home furnishings I recommend buying used.

  1.  Vases – You can find vases at nearly every consignment shop or thrift stores. When decorating with vases my tip is purchase vases that are at least melon size to make the biggest impact. Also any clear glass vase can be painted any color to suit the color scheme of your home. I love what Kelsey at Tattered and Inked did to these 3 Goodwill vases. I especially love the color scheme.

    Tattered and Linked - Spray Painted Vases

  2. Decorative Books – All interior designers use books when decorating a room. They are extremely versatile and you can find books used at many garages and Goodwill. I recently pick up some old Reader’s Digest Story books for $0.50 each. These great stack with a decorative item on top. What you want to look for is books of varying sizes, colorful covers and bindings. Kate from Centsational Girl has a great example here below of how decorative books can be used on bookshelves.

    Bookcase Styling - Centsational Girl

  3. Frames – Never buy frames new, unless you are looking for all the same frame. However, mixing different styles and sizes of frames on a wall creates a great gallery in any room. Remember when looking for frames not to be very concerned with color of the frame. You can always spray paint the frame to match all the others. Through mixing colors on the wall can look stylist too.
  4. Baskets – Baskets are very useful in your home. You can use them for decorating your home and hide items you don’t need all the time. You can save money on baskets by not buying baskets new. Save some money from leaving your purse by purchasing baskets at your local thrift store or at garage sales in your neighborhood.
  5. Ceramic Figurines – A design trend you see for interior decorating is ceramic figurines. Often these items are painted in white or an accent color. If you buy these ceramic figurines, now you will pay a premium. You can find old ugly ceramic figurines at nearly all thrift stores. I recently bought a ceramic owl for a $1 that I am planning to paint white. I have seen similar white owls for $15 – $25 depending what home decor store you go to. Save some money by buying ugly and turning into extraordinary. Here is an example of a sprayed figurine from Jenny at the Little Green Notebook.Little Grenn Notebook - Spray Painted Figurines
  6. Lamps – Lighting is extremely important for all rooms of your home. However, lighting fixtures are an expensive item when furnishing a space. Table lamps sometimes a little hard to find at thrift stores, but if you are a frequent shopper like I am you will see old lamps that can look amazing in your home after a little TLC. You can usually pick up a good lamp for between $3 – $10 at Goodwill. Paint or spray paint an outdated table lamp a fun color and adds a new lamp shade to create a modern redo of something old. Here is an example of a beautifully redo on a thrift store table lamp by Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick.

    Glossy Navy Blue Love - Thrift Decor Chick

  7. Side Tables – Side tables are excellent items to buy used because you can readily find them at used furniture stores. Plus, like many used and old home furnishings, they can be easily updated with a fresh coat of paint. If you are trying to track down a pair of side tables, but can’t find matching ones. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, diversity in a room creates interest and a unique style to your home. Below is a great side table rehab by one of my favorite bloggers Kristine from The Painted Hive.
    Chippy Painted Side Table - The Painted Hive

Used Home Accessories = More Savings

There is nothing wrong with being frugal with decorating your home. You want to stretch your decorating dollar as far as possible. One way to do this is purchasing used home accessories from thrift store instead of new. By buying used home furnishings from Goodwill you will help others as well who benefit from the programs this non-profit provides to those who need assist.

One last benefit of buying used over new, is often none one else will have the same furniture or accessories as you. Meaning you will create a style that reflects you and your thrifty smarts.

Be sure to check out my post 27 Ways to Saving Money When Decorating Your Home for more great frugal decorating tips for you home.

Question Just For You

What is your favorite thrifty finds for your home?

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