Custom DIY Picture Frame made out of Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Pallet Wood Picture Frame DIY Project - Decorating With Less

Hey Friends! Have you ever found a perfect decorative print, piece of artwork, or photo only to buy it and realize you don’t have a frame for it? Annoying right? Well before you go back out to the store to buy a picture frame, let me show you how easy it is to make your own simple DIY pallet wood picture frame.

In my previous post, The Secret Ingredient to Age Paper for a Vintage Print Look, I showed you how to age paper to look like a vintage print. Now, I’m going to show you how I saved money on custom framing for these prints.

Custom DIY Picture Frame made out of Reclaimed Pallet Wood - Decorating With Less

Pallet Wood Picture Frame – 4 Quick Steps

I’ve mentioned before, my decorating budget is small, so being a little handy has helped me stay within my budget and transform my city house into a farmhouse in the city. Each DIY project completed gets me another step closer to my decorating goals.

Supplies Needed: (some affiliate links below)

  • Cut the wood to size

To figure out your cuts, there’s a little math involved. Don’t worry, I will make it simple. Here are two formulas to make figuring these cuts easy.

For the bottom & top piece:

(Width of Print – 1″) + (Width of the Frame X 2) = Bottom/Top Cut Length

In my case, here’s the math:

(10-3/4″ – 1″) + (3-1/4″ X 2) = 16-1/4″ long

For the side pieces:

Height of Print – 1/2″ = Side Cut Length

In my case, here’s the math:

6-3/4″ – 1/2″ = 6-1/4″ long

You may be asking why do you subtract a 1/2-inch? This is so the frame overlaps the photo a bit making easy to attach the photo to the frame.

Okay I promise you no more math! My head hurts!

Pallet Wood Scraps for Wood Frame - Decorating With Less

This is how the scrap pallet wood looked before I cut for the frame.

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  • Assemble the frame

I sanded the pallet wood to smooth the edges. To assemble the wood pieces I used wood glue and a staple gun. First, I applied a small amount of glue to the edges of the side pieces and joined them to the top and bottom pieces.

Assemble Pallet Wood Frame - Decorating With Less

Then, using the staple gun I attached the frame together. Finally, I clamped the whole frame together overnight until the glue dried.

Hint: An easier way to put this pallet wood frame together would be to use L-brackets on the corners and skip the hassle of gluing and stapling.

  • Stain the frame

You can finish your frame to match your color scheme and personal style.

Stain Pallet Wood Frame - Decorating With Less

In my case I used DecoArt Chalk Paint in Artifact and Wood Gel Satin in Walnut. First, put some random brush strokes of the gray chalk paint. With a wet rag I wiped and smeared the chalk paint.

To finish, I applied the gel stain over the chalk paint. In areas, the gray paint makes the frame look weathered. In the other areas, the wood stain comes through.

Here’s a quick video showing how I finished the pallet wood frame.

  • Attach print the to the frame

To attach the architectural prints to the frame I simply tape it to the frame with painters tape. The easy solutions is often the best. The tape was quick, inexpensive and easy.

I also, attached to the frame a small D-Ring for hanging the frame on the wall.

Pallet Wood Frame Finished Prints - Decorating With Less

Inexpensive and Farmhouse Lovely

I’m happy with how these pallet wood frames turned out. They look great and are perfect for my Farmhouse Style.

Remember, home decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple DIY projects, like these frames, help us decorate within a small budget. Also, making something for your home makes your home more personal and meaningful. A house becomes a home when the decor tells a story.

So are you ready to stop buying frames? I hope so! Please comment below telling us about your favorite wall decor in your home.

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