How To Repurpose a Tin Can Into a Beautiful Wood Strip Vase

I am always looking for ways to repurpose things for decorating my home. I do this for two reasons; one because it is fun and two because it’s a great way to save money when decorating your home.

I find myself all the time staring at a common item and thinking to myself, “How can I use this to decorate my home?” Everything to me has potential to be used to decorate if I can find a creative way to transform it into something beautiful.

One of my recent repurposing transformations started with a diced tomato tin can. There are a lot of ways you can reuse vegetable tin cans throughout your home. You can search Pinterest and find many fun DIY projects that are easy and quick do.

From Tin Can to Wood Strip Vase

While I was cleaning up the kitchen after my wife made her homemade meat spaghetti sauce, I saw the empty diced tomato can and knew it could a beautiful vase for my mantel. But the question still remained, how was I going to turn this tin can into a vase that didn’t look like a tin can?

The theme of our home is a farm beach house. I began brainstorming ways to give this tin can a beach-look. After tossing out a few ideas, I came up with the idea to take thin scrap wood slats and glue them around the can. This would give the can a rustic weathered look that would look perfect in our beach themed living room.

Here is the result of my repurposed tin can project.

How To Repurpose a Tin Can Into a Beautiful Wood Strip Vase - Before & After

How to Repurpose Your Own Tin Can

Materials, Supplies, Tools
  • 28 oz Tin Can
  • 12 – 1-3/4″ wide by 12″ long by 1/4 thick wood strips
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hand Saw or Miter Saw
  • Liquid Nails
  • Sisal Rope
  • Steel Wool
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Brewed Coffee or Tea
  • Foam Paint Brush

Step 1: Cut the Strips to Size

Using a hand saw or miter saw cut your wood strips to length. If you use the same size tin can as I did, a 32 oz tin can, you will need 9 wood strips to go all the way around the can.

I cut my strips to 12” long because I wanted my finished vase to be tall. But if you can cut your strips longer or shorter depending on the look you are going for.

Step 1: Cut the Strips to Size

Step 2: Stain the Strips

You could use a typical wood stain you buy at the store, but for me I am always looking for ways to save money on DIY projects. So I made my own wood stain.

I use two stains on the strips. The first one I applied was a green tea and coffee combination. Any tea and coffee will do. When I applied this stain it lightly stained the wood…actually I will be honest I didn’t see much change at all.

In came DIY stain two, apple cider vinegar and steel wool. Making this stain is easy, soak steel wool in a jar of apple cider vinegar for at least 24 hours. The steel wool begins to dissolve in the apple cider vinegar creating the stain.

Using a foam brush apply the apple cider vinegar to the wood strips and then let them dry.
Step 2: Stain the Strips

Step 3: Attach Strips Onto the Tin Can

Using liquid nails, attach the stained wood strips to one-by-one to the tin can. I used liquid nails, but you may find it easier to just use a glue gun instead.

Once I got all the strips on, I taped around the strips to keep them in place until the liquid nails dried.

Step 3: Attach Strips Onto the Tin Can

Step 4: Wrap Sisal Rope Around the Wood Strips

This step is optional. Since I am working on a beach theme living room, I thought wrapping sisal rope around the bottom would give it a more beachy feel. Plus to me the added touch of the rope made the wood strips look more finished and complete.

Step 4: Wrap Sisal Rope Around the Wood Strips

So feel free to embellish the wood strips anyway you want to match your style.

The Repurposed Tin Can Results

Here are the results again, which I think it came out AWESOME! I was a little nervous what my wife would think…

The Final Results - How To Repurpose a Tin Can Into a Beautiful Wood Strip Vase


The wood strip vase adds some height to my mantle styling. Best of all this wood strip vase project was cheap to do.

What do you think about this DIY project?

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