How To Make & Use DIY Chalk Paint

I finally joined the Chalk Paint party and have my first DIY Chalk Paint Reveal to share with you. I am pretty proud how it turned out. I think you will love it too.

I also hope by sharing how I did this chalk paint project your will be inspired to try painting with chalk paints yourself. It is so much fun!

First if you want to learn more about chalk paint and the benefits of it read my last post, Why I am Late to the Chalk Paint Party.

Before & After

Here are the before and after shots of the pedestal table I refinished.

Before & After

What’s Great About Furniture Makeovers

What I love about makeover furniture is saving quality furniture from ending up in the landfill.

According to the U.S. EPA, in 2009 9.8 million tons of furniture ended up in the landfills. Source:

This is so sad because I am sure many good piece of furniture end up in landfills. I have save many pieces, to my wife dismay at times, that were destined for the landfill. Most of this furniture simply needs a little TLC.

Save Money

I also love transforming furniture because I save money furnishing my home…and you can too. Most of the furniture I have to restore cost me nothing.

To makeover these pieces of furniture beautiful again, often just requires a coat of paint. Which won’t cost you much.

How to Makeover a Piece of Furniture with DIY Chalk Paint

Here are all the steps and materials I used during this DIY Chalk Paint Pedestal Side Table Makeover.


For the DIY Chalk Paint

  • 1 Cup Plaster of Paris
  • 1 Cup Hot Water
  • 1-1/2 Cup Latex Paint (using flat paint is best)
  • Bowl or Mixing Bucket (I used a mason jar)

For the Pedestal Side Table Makeover

  • DIY Chalk Paint or Store Bought Chalk Paint in a fabulous color
  • Synthetic Bristle Paint Brush or a Chalk Paint Brush
  • 2 – Lint Free Rags
  • Clear Finishing Wax – I used Amy Howard Clear Wax

Step One – Mix Your DIY Chalk Paint

  • Step 1a – Mix the hot water and Plaster of Paris together. Mix until all the Plaster of Paris is dissolved.  This way you will not have any lumps in your paint.
  • Step 1b – Mix in your latex paint with the water plaster of paris mixture. After you thoroughly mix together all the ingredients you are ready to paint.

Step One - Mix DIY Chalk Paint

Step Two – Choose Your Furniture Makeover Piece

Finding and choosing a furniture piece is an important first step. You want a piece of furniture that is structurally sound.

Some good places to find or buy furniture ripe for a new start are thrifty stores, garage sales and my favorite the curbside for free.

If this is your first chalk paint redo, I suggest starting with something small. This is why I chose this side table. It was small, overall structurally sound and I pedestal shape.

Step Two - Choose Your Furniture Makeover Piece

Step Three – Clean Your Furniture Piece

It is important with any painting project that before applying the first coat of paint to clean that piece. This helps ensure that the paint adheres to the wood right and that surface is smooth.

I simply used soap and water to clean this side table of dirt and dust.

Step Four – Start Painting

This is my favorite step because you finally get to start seeing the transformation of something ugly into a beautiful new side table.

When painting furniture make long brush strokes in the same direction to help avoid brush marks. For the spindle pet of this table I painted in horizontally around the spindle.

Hint: Place your furniture legs on blocks or tacks to lift the legs off the ground to make easier to paint.

Step Four - Start Painting

Step Five – Add a Second Coat

If you still see brushstrokes after the first coat, don’t worry because the second coat will help get rid of those marks.

Chalk paint dries pretty fast. I waited until the next day to do a second coat because of limited time. However, you usually can be safe to paint another coat after a hour. Also be sure to remix up the paint before painting the second coat.

Here is a closes up on the spindle base and you can see the brushstrokes.

What I love about chalk paint is the matte and soft finish it has. This is perfect the my country chic style I am going for in my house.

Step Five - Add a Second Coat

Step Six – Wax On

This maybe the most intimidating step for first time chalk painters. Using wax to seal furniture was a new for me too on this project. However, let me ease your worries about this step.

Waxing…is FUN and EASY!

Waxing is a lot easier that sealing furniture with polyurethane. With polyurethane there is so much more room for mistakes. With wax if you put too much wax on you simply buff it off.

So here is how you apply the wax.

Using a bristle brush or lint free rag apply a thin layer of wax over all the surfaces. Since I was using clear wax, I found it to be hard to see where I had already applied wax. So I recommend starting on the top and working your way down.

Once you have applied wax to your piece of furniture, let it dry for an hour.

Step Six - Wax On

Step Seven – Time To Buff

Buffing is the final step to this furniture makeover. Using a lint free rag, begin whipping the surfaces gently.

As you do this you will notice a nice satin finish and shine appear. Continue to buff until all the excess wax has been remove and the finish looks even.

At this point you are done, unless you want to apply another wax coat for more protection. Two to three coats of wax are recommend for high used furniture. If you add another coat repeat steps 6 & 7.

Step Seven - Time to Buff

What do you think of Chalk Paint?

After seeing my DIY Chalk Paint Pedestal Side Table Makeover are you ready to try your hand with chalk paint? I hope so because it fun, easy and saves you money.

If you have any comments or questions about this DIY project, please leave them in the comment section below.

Happy Designing!

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