How to Choose the Right Size Area Rug & Place It Right in a Room

How to Choose the Right Size Area Rug & Place It Right in a Room - Decorating With Less

An area rug adds a lot of style, while really finishing off the look and feel of a room. There’s almost no room in your home that wouldn’t benefit from an area rug.

Also, an area rug is a wonderful way to define different zones in a room. However, people often make the common mistake of putting the wrong size area rug in a room.

Farmhouse Living Room - Gardner Homes

Source: Houzz via Gardner Homes

What’s Wrong with a Small Rug?

You maybe thinking, well if get a smaller rug I will save money. I completely understand wanting to save money on decorating, but buying too small of a rug will have a negative affect on the look of your living room.

One of the problems with an undersized rug is it makes a room feel smaller. A tiny rug in a large room just looks silly, which is the last thing you want people to think when they enter your home. Small area rugs also will not define the space right. Small rugs often look like they are floating in the space like an iceberg. Not good!

Small Area Rug Example

Here’s an example of a rug that is not sized correctly for the room. The small rug looks awkward in the space doesn’t it?

Source: Houzz via Magnolia Homes

Okay, you may be saying, “Matt, I have made this mistake how can I fix it?” Before we get to a fix, let me tell you a story.

I’m Going to Replace my Dog with Area Rugs

I love my dog Corgan. He a Yorkshire Terrier and he’s the cutest little thing on four-legs in our house. However, he has this annoying tendency to pee on rugs. So, for a while now I have not been able to have area rugs in our house.

Super annoying! Hopefully, you don’t suffer from the same problem I have.

Good thing Corgan is cute.

No More Small Area Rugs

How do you determine the right size rug for your room?

Sizing an area rug for your furniture layout is easier than you may think. The goal is that the rug should be anchored by your furniture. This means your furniture needs to be sitting on the rug and not off of it. Now the whole furniture doesn’t have to be on the rug, but 6” – 12” of the rug should be under the furniture.

Right & Wrong Way to Place an Area Rug - Decorating With Less

For a rug in a dining room, the rug size should be 36” larger than the table on all sides. This way the chairs are always on the rug even when pulled out. Nothing is worse than sitting on a dining chair that is half on and half off a rug.

Here are some examples of rooms with the right size rug

Liz Marie Blog - Cottage on Tyler

This is a lovely living room by one of my favorite bloggers Liz Marie. This beautiful jute area rug is size right and anchored by the major pieces of furniture.

Pine & Birch Dining Room

Here’s an example of a rug sized right for a dining room by Pine & Birch.

Farmhouse Bedroom Area Rug Examples

This is a wonderful bedroom that I would love to call my. Notice how the rug goes below the bed about 30 inches, which is perfect.

Source: Houzz via Lambert Home

Common Rug Sizes

Common rug sizes you will find are 5×8, 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14, and 12×15. Measure the width and depth of your furniture arrangement first. Then pick the size which best fits your furniture layout.

Here is a cheat sheet from Front Door to help you remember the rug sizing guides.

Front Door Rug Sizing Guide

Be a Savvy Area Rug Shopper

No, you are ready to purchase the right rug for your living room. If you follow this simple tip you won’t find yourself making this common home decorating mistake. Instead, your living room will have the cozy comforts of the framed finishing touches an area rugs brings to a room.

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How to Choose the Right Size Area Rug & Place It Right in a Room - Decorating With Less