Cedar Hope Chest Furniture Makeover with 2-Tone Chalk Paint

Cedar Hope Chest Furniture Makeover with 2-Tone Chalk Paint - Decorating With Less-2

I hope there​ are others who get a piece of furniture with great intentions to do a furniture makeover right away, but a year later it’s still sitting in your basement untouched. Please say yes. It’s taken me at least a year to finally finish this Hope Chest furniture makeover.

I’m One Lucky Guy

This hope chest belonged to my grandma. After she passed away my mom give it to me. I’m one lucky guy.

The cedar hope chest was in great condition overall. However, the color was out-of-date and not fitting into my personal style. After, getting permission from my mom to redo this hope chest, I began thinking of how to makeover this lovely family heirloom.

Cedar Hope Chest Before Furniture Makeover - Decorating With Less

I did a lot of thinking because it has taken me over a year to do this hope chest furniture makeover! This demonstrates that a good furniture makeover takes time…and maybe getting over procrastination. Anyway, here we are now and I’m going to show you how I transformed this hope chest.

Hope Chest Furniture Makeover…Finally

Here are the tools and supplies I used for this makeover.

Tools & Supplies: (Links contain affiliate links)

DecoArt products are some of my favorites​ to use when making over furniture. Their chalk paint goes on easily, looks great, and fits into my budget.

  • Test the paint finish

For all of my previous furniture makeovers I’ve only used one paint color. For this hope chest furniture makeover, I wanted to try something else. Before putting any chalk paint on this family heirloom, I took some scrap wood to test out some paint combos.

Chalk Painting Technique Test for Hope Chest Furniture Makeover - Decorating With Less

For each test I used a different base color with a different top coat. Ultimately, I decided to go with Vintage as the base coat with dry brushing Everlasting as the accent coat.

  • Apply Vintage Base Coat

I did two coats of Vintage for the base. After which, I almost stopped right there because I loved​ the color. Isn’t it lovely?

Cedar Chest Furniture Makeover - Chalk Paint Base Coat - Decorating

You notice I didn’t paint the top lid. The stain color on the top is nice and the wood contrast looks great. Though, my wife did ask, “aren’t you painting the top?”

  • Everlasting Dry Brush Accent Coat

Now, dry brushing for me was a little intimidating. You have to be very careful not to put too much paint on the brush. If you do you end up with blotches of paint.

The secret to good dry brushing is getting paint on just the tip of your brush. Then before applying the paint to the furniture, dab your brush on a piece of cloth or cardboard.

Make light brush strokes in the direction of the grain. In the case of my hope chest furniture makeover, I made strokes from left to right.

Tip: if you accidentally put too much paint on a spot, wipe off with a damp cloth. This will eliminate the blotch.

Depth and Highlights

Dry brushing adds a lot to the hope chest’s finish. The chest looked great before dry brushing, but kind of flat. After dry brushing, the chest has more character, depth, and the ornate molding now has highlights.

White Dry Brushing on Cedar Hope Chest Furniture Makeover - Decorating With Less

What do you think of the dry brushing?

  • Appy a Clear Wax

This may be the most important step. No one wants to see their hard work get messed up. Clear wax adds a protective layer against stains and scuffs.

Let the wax dry for at least 30 minutes then buff with a lint-free rag. Buffing adds a beautiful satin finish.

Cedar Hope Chest Furniture Makeover - Decorating With Less

I Hope Grandma Would Love It

I couldn’t be happier with the results of this hope chest furniture makeover. However, I wonder if my grandma were here, what she would think. I asked my mom, “Do you think Grandma would like the makeover?” She said, “I’m sure she would.”

Now this hope chest is ready for another generation and hopefully more in my family.

Finished Cedar Hope Chest Makeover - Decorating With Less

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Do you have any cherished furniture in your home? Comment below.

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