The Secret Ingredient to Age Paper for a Vintage Print Look

The Secret Ingredient to Age Paper for a Vintage Print Look - Decorating With Less

Vintage prints look great as framed wall decor. Vintage anything is really hot in home decor. However, really authentic vintage prints on age paper can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find.

So, whatcha do if you want the look on a budget? Take a new print and age the paper. Yes, aging new paper to look old is simple and effective. Guess what? I bet you already have what you need to age paper in your kitchen.

The Secret Ingredient to Age Paper for a Vintage Print Look - Decorating With Less

The Secret

The secret ingredient to age paper is…more on that later. First, let me show you some beautiful rooms with vintage prints for inspiration.

Ella Claire - Vintage Print Birds

Ella Claire – Vintage Print Birds

Curate this Space - Natural History

Curate this Space – Natural History

Bless'er House - Botanical Prints

Bless’er House – Botanical Prints

Aren’t these some lovely rooms?

Are you saying, “I can never afford vintage prints like that.” It would say you’re…WRONG!

Back to that Secret

You can make your own vintage prints like those above with a special ingredient, which is…COFFEE.

Yes, I know, nothing too special about coffee. However, you may want to brew some extra coffee in the morning for coffee does an excellent job at aging paper. Don’t believe me? Let me show you how.

How to Age Paper with Coffee

The whole process of creating your own vintage prints is easy and will only take you a few hours.


  • 1 Brew a pot of coffee
  • A 9x13 baking dish
  • A baking cooling rack
  • A printed graphic on card stock
  • Tongs

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  • Brew a pot of coffee

Caffeinated or decaf doesn’t matter. However, I recommend brewing a strong pot by adding more grounds than you may normally. Darker coffee will create better results.

Once finished, pour the coffee into the baking dish.

Coffee to Age Paper - Decorating With Less

  • Print a vintage graphic

Not sure where to find vintage graphics to print? There a few options. Search for public domain images or go to a great website for vintage graphics: The Graphics Fairy. Once you find a perfect graphic, print it off using your home printer.

You can print your graphic on regular paper, however a heavier weight paper will be more durable.

Another option is to use an image from an old book. This is what I did. I found this book with hand drawn architectural drawings. I cut two pages from the book with exterior house elevations.

Architectural Prints to Age - Decorating With Less

  • Soak printed graphic in coffee

Now soak your print in the coffee. The longer the better, of course. With my prints I soaked them for an hour. Make sure your prints get fully soaked by pressing them down with tongs.

Soaking Paper to Create an Aged Look - Decorating With Less

  • Let the paper dry

Using tongs, gently pull the now aged paper from the coffee bath. Then lay on a baking cooling rack until completely dry.

Paper Drying after being Aged with Coffee - Decorating With Less

  • Frame as desired

Finally, frame your fabulously “vintage” prints. I framed my aged prints in DIY Pallet Wood Picture Frames that I made. It’s great to be a little handy because I can make my own custom frames. These ones complement the aged paper perfectly.

Framed Vintage Print Aged with Coffee - Decorating With Less

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Now you know the “secret” to age paper to create inexpensive vintage looking prints. Now in no time you can style your walls with vintage Farmhouse Style.

Go and make your own special and meaningful aged paper wall art.

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