Do you have an empty wall in your home…but no money for photography to decorate the walls?

That doesn’t have to stop you from having professional photos to hang in every room. I currently have many empty walls in my home as I slowly decorate frugally.

So I was excited when I started to stumble upon websites where I could download free professional photography to add to my empty walls. There is some amazing free photography out there…

…here is an example:

Teal Vespa

I love photos of vintage Vespas, so I had to share this one when I saw it.

There are 5 websites that I frequent most when looking for photography for my home. All of them have a unique selection and all of them are amazing places for high quality photography.


Unsplash posts 10 new photos every 10 days. You can find some great landscapes on this site. I really like the photos on this website, they are very professional-looking and have great composition. Plus they just added a search feature which is a big improvement. I always go to Unsplash first when looking for free photography.

Unsplash Landscape Photo


Magdeleine posts new photos everyday. Plus the search feature on this website is very nice. You can search  in multiple ways…dominant color, theme or by keyword.

Magdeleine Flat Iron Building

Free Vintage Posters

If you are looking for vintage artwork, you should check out Free Vintage Posters. This a perfect website to find vintage ads, sports, military or movie poster art.

Free Vintage Posters

Public Domain Archive

On Public Domain Archive, you can find a wide assortment of photography that is in the public domain…meaning it is free to download and use in your home for artwork.

Public Domain Archive

Morgue File

Morgue File is another great resource to find images to use in your home. They have a huge selection of free photography that you can easily search via keywords. You can also see what images are most popular and recently downloaded by others. Morgue File is a good website to start with if you have a theme in mind.

Morgue Files

What I Created With Free Photography

I created this small gallery wall in my dining room using only free photography and some MDF board.

Free Photography Gallery Wall

Pretty neat what you can create with limited money and free professional photography. I selected several photos from a central theme…

Rustic vintage style.

A grouping of similarly themed photography creates a perfect focal point for any room…

…you can do the same thing in your home for almost nothing. Find out how I created this gallery wall in my post, How to Make DIY Wood Photo Blocks in 6 Easy Steps.

Where could you use some photography in your room? Please leave your comments below.

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