How to Make Your Own Spring Printable Art with Canva [Video Tutorial]

How to Make Your Own Spring Printable Art with Canva - Decorating With Less

Hello wonderful friends! It’s beginning to feel like spring! The cold days are mostly behind us and now it’s time to decorate for spring. Spring printable art is a simple way to bring springtime into your home. Best of all, you can easily create your own spring printable art with free easy to use software.

Not a Graphic Designer? No worries!

Making printable art, doesn’t require a degree in graphic design. Canva makes designing a beautiful spring printable a breeze.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you how.

Spring Printable Made Easy

My favorite software to use when designing any graphic is Canva. Canva is a user-friendly online free software that makes creative Printable artwork a snap. If you follow my steps below you will be able to create professional-looking printable art all year round.

  • Set up your canvas size

There are many preset graphic size options on Canva. However, for this spring printable we will set up a custom size canvas.

Set Up Spring Printable Canvas - Decorating With Less

To do this, click custom dimensions in the top right corner. Next, change the units from pixels (px) to inches (in). For the width type “8” and length “10.” Then click “design.”

Set Up Spring Printable Canvas Dimensions - Decorating With Less

  • Add text

Now you have a blank canvas, which is the perfect size for an 8×10 frame. To start designing we are going to add a text saying.

Some good saying ideas for a spring printable are:

  • Hello Spring
  • The Earth Laughs in Flowers
  • Spring is in the Air
  • Live Life in Full Bloom
  • Welcome Spring
  • Think Spring

Often, what separates a so-so printable from a stunning one is pleasing font combinations. Using just one font is boring. Combining two complementary fonts is keys.

To help make combining fonts easy, here is a graphic listing amazing combos.

Great Font Combinations for Printables - Decorating With Less

To add text, click the text tab on the left toolbar. Then click or drag to add text to the canvas. Once the text is on the canvas you can resize, change the font, and color.

Add Text to Your Spring Printable - Decorating With Less

Note, if you are using two fonts, you will need to add two text boxes. This will also make it possible to arrange the fonts together and have different sizes.

  • Add a Pretty Background or Image

Some printables look great with just texts. However, for our Spring printable I think a nice background image will add some color. To do this you have two options. You can search Canva’s database of images or you can upload by clicking “uploads” on the left toolbar. I go into this in more detail in the video tutorial below.

Add a Background Image to Printable Canvas - Decorating With Less

A great place to search for free background images is Pinterest. Simply search for “free backgrounds” and you’re guaranteed to find something beautiful.

  • Download you Printable

When you are finished creating your spring printable, it’s now time to download it. To do this click download in the right corner. Then select download PDF for print.

Download Spring Printable - Decorating With Less

  • Print of your Printable

The important part when printing the PDF file is to not scale it to fit the paper size. If you do this it will print too big for an 8×10 frame.

Instead, click to print at actual size. This will keep it at the right size.

Print Printable to Actual Size - Decorating With Less

Tip: I recommend using card stock or heavier weight paper for best results.

  • Trim your Printable

Trim your printable to fit the frame. An easy way to do this is using a paper-cutter. If you don’t have a paper-cutter you can also use the glass of the frame as a template.

Hello Spring Printable - Download for FREE - Decorating With Less

Easy-Peasy Spring Printable

As i mentioned you didn’t need to be a graphic designer to create stunning free printables. Canva makes the whole process simple and inexpensive. Follow the above steps and watch my walk-through video every time you need fresh artwork without spending more money.



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