Farmhouse Style is the Best Decorating Style for a Shoestring Budget

Farmhouse Style is the Best Decorating Style for a Shoestring Budget - Decorating With Less

Hello Decorating Friends! Farmhouse Style is not only popular, but also a great home decorating style for those decorating on a small budget. I know many of you love decorating your home but have struggled due to small budgets. I include myself in this category.

Now Farmhouse Style may not be your personal decorating style, right now. This style wasn’t my first style preference.

However, I grew to love Farmhouse decor because it’s charming, cozy and makes me feel like I live in the country (I live in the city). Lynn and I dream of living in the country some day but for now I’m working on transforming my city home into a farmhouse in the city.

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Don’t Let Your Budget Stop You

I believe any decorating style can done on a small budget. The opposite can be true too. However, I recently realized there are many reasons the Farmhouse Style can be easily accomplished on a small budget easier than other styles.

I have a small decorating budget and have to be very frugal with my money. Of course, I do splurge ever once in a while.

Nonetheless, as I go room by room making over each space, I have found Farmhouse Style the easiest style to successfully use on a shoestring budget.

Make your Budget go Further

After reading this whole list of ways Farmhouse Style decorating can be inexpensive you may fall in love with this style too. Either way you will understand another reason why Farmhouse decor is a hot trend.

Ugly Sofa + White Slipcover = Instant Farmhouse Charm

Have an existing sofa that’s looking out of date or not fitting the Farmhouse Style, don’t go buy a new sofa. Slipcover sofas look stunning in Farmhouse living rooms. By adding a white linen slipcover makes any sofa perfect for this style.

Farmhouse Slipcover Sofa - City Farmhouse

Source: City Farmhouse

Distressed? No Problem!

Distressed or aged furniture and home accessories are right at home in Farmhouse interiors. No need for things to look perfect. The imperfection adds character and an informal inviting aspect to the Farmhouse Style.

Distressed Dresser - Liz Marie Blog

I love Liz Marie’s beautiful Farmhouse decorating. Chippy distressed paint on this dresser looks perfectly imperfect.

Raid Your Parents’ or Grandparents’ House

No money for furniture or decor? It may be worth a trip to your parents’ or grandparents’. Ask them if they have any antiques, vintage or rustic items they would like to pass on to a new home. Items that would be fantastic finds are any solid wood furniture, old dishes and kitchenware, books, and home accessories.

Stereo Cabinet After Furniture Makeover

I transformed this vintage stereo cabinet that my wife inherited from her grandfather. See how this furniture makeover started in my post, Vintage Stereo Cabinet Furniture Makeover

Lots of DIY Farmhouse Projects

You can get the expensive look of store-bought Farmhouse home accessories by doing your own DIY knock-off versions. This will save you a lot of money and make your home more meaningful. If you need some ideas, read my post 20 Inexpensive Farmhouse Decor Ideas.

Farmhouse Wood Star - Decorating With Less

This is a farmhouse wood star I made, if you like it’s available in my Etsy Shop, DWL studio.

Reclaiming Looks Charming

There is a lot of useful wood that gets tossed away. Reclaimed wood from pallets, old barns, fencing, and flooring can all be repurposed for decorating a Farmhouse Style home. Old wood can be made into wood signs, storage crates, and furniture.

Hang & Style the Wall Coat Rack

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Thrifting Your Way to a Farmhouse Style Home

Smart places to shop to help you stay on budget are garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. What another person has grown tired of can be your big find to complete the look of a farmhouse room makeover.

Fantastic items to keep your eye out for are quality wood furniture, crates, galvanized anything, vintage porcelain kitchenware, old books, baskets and throw pillows that can be easily recovered.

Thrifty Farmhouse Style Finds - Decorating With Less

Ugly Furniture + Paint = Amazing Furniture

Solid wood furniture, no matter how ugly at the moment, can be transformed into beautiful pieces of furniture. Doing a furniture makeover instead of buying something new is a big savings. Add a simple coat of white chalk paint to instantly transform old furniture into something amazing.

Farmhouse Desk Makeover - After Makeover - Decorating With Less

I did just this to a side table and old desk. See the lovely results in these posts:

Curbside Rescued Solid Wood Farmhouse Desk Makeover

Mersman Drum Table Makeover with DecoArt Chalk Paint

Common Items as Decor

Common items you may already have or can get inexpensively make charming farmhouse decor. Things like old wood ladders, vintage tools, single panel windows, architectural salvage, and white serving platters can be used to style areas in your home.

These not only add character, but also saves you money.

Vintage Tools as Farmhouse Decor - Decorating With Less

Here I used some vintage tools to style this sofa table.

Old Ladder as Farmhouse Decor - Decorating With Less

Here I used an old ladder that I got off the curb as a blanket ladder. Also, the Our Nest Sign is available in my Etsy Shop.

Amazon = Big Farmhouse Decor Savings

Amazon is a convenient and inexpensive place to shop for Farmhouse Style home decor. If you see something you love at other home decor store but it is out of your price range, chances are with you will find lesser expensive similar items on Amazon.

You can find some great inexpensive Farmhouse Decor Amazon finds in my post, Inexpensive Farmhouse Home Accessories for a Stylish Bookshelf.

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Now Go Save Some Money

Decorating your home shouldn’t cost you a fortune. As you can see, if you have a shoestring budget, using the Farmhouse Style to transform your home can be the answer to finally getting the house of your dreams.

By simply trying out a few of the cost cutting measures above you are almost guaranteed to save money. And really, what do you have to lose?

Ask yourself, what would my life be if you could finally decorate for less? You have so much to gain using the Farmhouse Style in your home. If you love cozy and charming spaces you will not be disappointed by using the Farmhouse Style.
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Farmhouse Style is the Best Decorating Style for a Shoestring Budget

Here's Your Ticket to Farmhouse Style Success!

Are you ready to transform your home into your own Farmhouse Style Haven. A cozy home is within your reach. I’m going to show you exactly what to look for as you makeover your home. Start today with this guide to shopping for the perfect Farmhouse Home Furnishings. 

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