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Hi I’m Matthew. I am the founder of Decorating With Less.

Here’s What Decorating With Less is All About…

You have a house or apartment…and as much as you love the place you call home, you still want to decorate the interior of your home to be beautiful and reflect your style. Maybe even as beautiful as the homes you see in magazines. You may have said to yourself stuff like:

  • How can I afford to decorate my home the way I have always dreamt of?
  • How can I find the time or energy to work on decorating my home?
  • How can my home look like the homes in decorating magazines and on Pinterest?
  • How do I pick colors for my home that don't look terrible together?
  • How do I get over my fear that I am going to make the wrong choices?

You may be a homeowner or renter looking to create a beautiful home that you can be proud of and showcase to your friends. But, if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions…

…then you are in the right place.

Here’s How Decorating With Less Can Help You Maximize Your Decor

Decorating your home is a very fun and personal experience…that not only engages us physically, but also on an emotional level. Often for many of us, there are barriers keeping us from decorating our homes…

MONEY, TIME, KNOWLEDGE…are often the biggest obstacles.

I am here to get you through these barriers. Pure and simple.

…because decorating your home isn’t just about picking colors. It’s about creating an inviting and beautiful place to call home…that enhances your life and all those that enter your home.

I believe your home is a very important place and is personal to you…especially when it come to your home decor – but the truth is that, in order for you to feel at home in your house or apartment, your interior space needs to reflect your individual likes and dislikes. Most importantly, your home has to be furnished to meet your unique needs and desires.

How do you decorate for the home you always wanted and get through those barriers…You get started…TODAY.

Small steps today and everyday will help you get through those barriers that have kept you from having the home you are wanting. Take a sledgehammer to those barriers and finally get the home of your…DREAMS.

So, instead of getting bogged down by all the projects you want to do or the details – just start, I am here to help you along this process with specific strategies to that with show you the way to decorating your home…to meet your needs and wants…

…plus helps you save money, find time to decorate, and get you the knowledge to be confident in your decorating choices…

…subscribe to Decorating With Less, and get exclusive tips, advice and resources that are proven to help you decorate your home and see the results that will truly transform your house into a place you will love and treasure.

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What You’ll Find Here

The website is broken up into a few categories to help you navigate around easily.

  • Decorating: I am super excited about decorating my home...so in this section of the blog I share decorating ideas, tips and advice to help you decorate your home.
  • Saving Money: I love saving money when decorating my home...I am sure you want to know ways to save too. In this section you will find posts about ways to decorate your home for less so you can get more out of your decorating dollars.
  • DIY: I do a lot of DIY home decorating projects in my home...from making my own artwork to spray painting just about anything...I will do-it-yourself because it is fun, can save money, and DIY makes your home so much more meaningful.

So in this section I share DIY projects you can do in your own home.

Simplicity: I am a big believer that when it come to decorating your home…Less Is More…to design a beautiful home

Need Help Decorating Your Home?

If you have been working on decorating your home, but are feeling lost, overwhelmed, or not sure where to even start, then I like to help you transform your home into the home you always dreamt of.

Check out my Design Services page, where I have several Custom Design Packages to fit your needs and budget. No matter where you are in decorating process or the world I am available to help you. I would absolutely love to help you.

About Matthew Iacopelli

Matthew Iacopelli - Decorating With LessSince 2008, I have practice interior design professionally designing both commercial and residential project across the country and world.

After 5 years as an interior designer, having gained a LOT of design and project management knowledge as I worked on larger and small interior design projects, I decided to started blogging about interior design.

After 2 years of blogging about interior design trends, advice, and ideas – I am now concentrating on what I am truly passionate about, creating and decorating a beautiful home that fits any budget…big or small…

Aside from that, I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am married to a beautiful woman, Lynn, who is my best friend, and I’m a father of two young girls, Hannah and Lauren. I am husband, father, entrepreneur, blogger, writer, and consultant. In that order.

If you are interested in learning some more about me, check out the post 28 Unique Fact About Matthew. It is sure to make you laugh.

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