22 Stunning Ways to Repurpose Empty Frames as Decor

22 Stunning Ways to Repurpose Empty Frames as Decor - Decorating With Less

Empty Frames are very useful when it comes to decorating your home. If you are low on artwork in your home, no need to spend a lot of money on new artwork. Empty frames can be used in so many smart ways to add inexpensive decor. You can find frames at a thrift store for a few bucks. Bring them home hang them right a way or paint them to give them a new look. Either way there are many ways to decorate with empty frames.

22 Stunning Ways to Repurpose Empty Frames as Decor - Decorating With Less

No Art Required – Empty Frames

Not sure where to use empty frames? No worries by the end of this post, you will discover a few easy ways to decorate an area in your home with empty frames.

Create a Empty Frame Collage

This is the classic way to use empty frames. Mix sizes, shapes, and colors and arrange them in an interesting vignette on the wall.

Empty Frame Collage - 25 Ways to Use Empty Frames in Your Home - Decorating With Less

Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts create this empty frame gallery wall, which is stunning. I love how “framed” smaller frames with larger frame.

On a Mantel to Accent Accessories

Frames add height to a mantel and accent other accessories.

Empty Frame on Fireplace Mantel

Allie from Proverbs 31 Girl paired an empty frame with old window to create a fabulous fireplace mantel.

To Accent And Organize Jewelry

Create a destination for your  jewelry when not wearing your bling. This makes it easier to find your favorite pairs of earrings. Plus, your jewelry becomes home decor.

Empty Frame Jewelry Holder - 25 Ways to Use Empty Frames in Your Home - Decorating With Less

Leslie from House on the Way create a perfect place for her daughter to hang her jewelry.

To Group with a Collection

If you are low on art or other decor to create a gallery wall. Use empty frames to fill in the empty space to complete the arrangement.

Empty Frames in a Gallery Wall - 25 Ways to Use Empty Frames in Your Home

Lisa over at Project Nursery showcase a beautiful gallery wall that uses empty frames to unite a collection of vintage mirrors.

To Accent a Typeset Lettering

Typeset letters and words look great when framed by an empty picture frame.

Empty Frames with Lettering - Ways to Use Empty Frames in Your Home - Decorating With Less

Vintage Wren framed script font words over a bed.

To Make a Small Mirror Look Larger

You can put a mirror in almost any room. Small mirrors can have even more impact when framed by a larger empty frame.

Empty Frames and Small Mirrors - Ways to Use Empty Frames In Your Home - Decorating With Less

Simply Sadie Jane frames beautiful small orient mirrors with larger colorful empty frames to create a great focal point in a hallway.

To Display Fresh Flowers

Hang vases or vintage bottles in empty frames with wire or twine. Then place your favorite fresh flowers in the vases. This will add a bit of nature and farmhouse chic into your home.

Empty Frame with Vases - Ways to Use Empty Frames In Your Home - Decorating With Less

Whit from Amuse Bouche decorated a wall with empty frames and wildflowers.

For Temporary Art Display

Quickly place artwork into frames to make it easy to change out art often.

Empty Frames for Temporary Flexible Artwork Display

This is such a cute way to display kids’ artwork by Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road. May have to use this idea in my daughters’ bedroom.

To Accent Animal Busts

A trend you see in home decor is fake animals busts, especially painted all white. Frame these animals heads to create a focal point on the wall.

Empty Frames to Display Chic Animal Heads

White animal heads are super chic, this deer head is a great accents above this master bed in Taryn’s Master Bedroom Makeover on a Budget.

To Frame a Writing Area

Empty Frames create a place to write on a wall painted with chalkboard paint.

Empty Frames to Frame a Chalkboard Wall - Decorating With Less

Love the way the gold frames contrast with the black chalkboard paint. Photo courtesy of Porch.

On a Console Table

Blank frames add height and depth to a console table decor.

Empty Frames on a Console Table

Simply and inexpensive way to decorate any table in your home. Courtesy of Anderson & Grant

To Accent a Smaller Canvas

Frame a gallery wrapped piece of artwork with a larger empty frame to make the bigger and more formal statement.

Small Art in a Big Empty Frame

Photo Courtesy of PDXKelly & Flickr

To Create an Outdoor Living Picture

Hang an empty frame off an awning on a deck or patio to create an outdoor room and living picture.

Empty Frames as Outdoor Partition

Photo Courtesy of Colin Cowie Weddings

To Add Pops of Color

Brightly painted empty frames add color to any room with a neutral color palette.

Pop of Color with Empty Frames

Teal empty frames make an inexperience focal point and accent in this room share by Jen at Tatertots & Jello.

To Divide a Large Mirror

If you have a wall-to-wall mirror in a bathroom break it up with two frames. This creates a his and her mirror.

Empty Frames on Large Boring Mirror

Photo Courtesy of Simplify Your Space

To Frame a Wreath

Accent a seasonal wreath with an empty frame to draw your attention to it.

Courtney from French Country Cottage used a tall empty frame on her fireplace mantel to frame a farmhouse style magnolia wreath.

Empty Frame on Fireplace Mantel - 25 Ways to Use Empty Frames in Your Home - Decorating With Less

To Create a Shadow Box with a Repurposed Frame

The ladies over at Shanty 2 Chic show you how to DIY shadow boxes using empty frames. This is a simple DIY Project you can do in a day.

DIY Empty Frame Box Shelves

To Accent That Hard to Display Piece

There are many items that are difficult to frame with a glass frame. Empty frames allow you to “frame” these items.

Plate Gallery Framed Using an Empty Frame

Plates and platter collections look great on the wall, especially framed by an old frame.

Photo Courtesy of It’s Overflowing

A Collage of Overlapping Empty Frames

Overlapping empty frames adds dimension to room that is difficult to do with normal frames.

Overlapping Empty Frames on a Wall

The overlapping empty frames in this guest room by DeDe at Designed Decor do an excellent job creating a focal point.


To Frame a TV

If you mount a TV on the wall dress it up with an empty frame.

TV and Empty Frame

Pamela from PB&J Stories used an empty frame around her flat screen TV in her master bedroom makeover.

To Hold Little Hair Bows & Clips

Attach ribbon or string in a frame to give your daughter a place to storage her hair accessories.

Empty Frame DIY Headband and Hairbow Holder

This would be so cute in my daughters’ room. Photo Courtesy of Mom & Wife.

To Create a Centerpiece

Place an old picture frame and flowers on your dining room table for a new centerpiece.

Empty Frame Repurposed into Table Centerpiece

If you have a blank wall in your home or apartment I recommend trying one of these. You results will surprise you. Plus, it is an inexpensive way to decor a blank wall and make a big impact.

If you try decorating with empty frames in your home, please send some pictures. I would love to see your home decorating successes.

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What is your favorite way to repurpose empty frames? Share your comments below

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